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Careful The Balloons Don't Slip Through Your Fingers While I'm awake I'll reiterate this dream, it starts with a boy, with a good head on his shoulders. He liked to think big, so he always kept pretending, that there was something better for him. What would you've done, if I'd given up, and released the bouquet from my hands? They'd slip away and be carried with the breeze. Just watch how those red balloons ascend. But I'm not ready to float away, alone, and maybe I wonder where the winds will blow? They blow on and on and on. Then the boy, looked to the sky, and counted all his losses on his hands. What have I done? I've given up, I let all the things that mattered, disappear. I'm such a fool, I should have known, the potential that I held within my grip.
I'll Be Seeing You Soon I don't know who I am. I can't see where I'm going. My words come out all wrong, and I've said such awful things to you. I want to say I'm sorry, but you've gone so I'll step back. I work the ten to five, it's a lot of time to be thinking of the love we shared, it's always there, and it haunts my every step. But hey, it won't be long, no it won't be long. You'll come and stay for me. Maybe I was wrong, oh I was so wrong, to let you walk away.
Mistaking Discord For Memories In my recent disposition, it comes as no surprise, that my motivation's lacking, and there's turbulence inside of me. You would say so much, about being true to your thoughts. I was your constant search, now I am your empty love. It's another day, a loss of breath, an aging trend where we all try our best to meet demands, impress a girl, to make the means, and fall in debt. She left. A storm is on the rise, it's best if we give up now. Forget, everything you've learned or the subterfuge will bury you too. It used to mean so much, being true to your friends. How's your constant search? Who’s your faceless love? I'm not alone. I completely deny this breaking in sequence. You're not alright. Forgetting is not so easy, is it?
A Sunday Afternoon Epilepsy I'm sitting in a room across the way, contemplating figures, dates, it's raining. And you know things aren't looking up, when rain falls down and washes our sunny days. I lift up from my chair and compose myself. There is much to do. I won't leave you, don't you leave me too. Everyday is a cycle, moving back and forth, there's no end in sight. I open the blinds in hopes of a change. Has the rain picked up? You see lately I've been wondering, what the whole of this means, why I'm tossing and turning? In a cold sweat I have learned a few things, about letting things go, but never letting it be. I won't leave you, don't you leave me too. And so I'll open my door, cast aside reason, and run down these stairs that lead to an exit, with hope that you would still be there. I wish that you would always hold me close to your heart Some day, you'll change, but this could never change me. I'm not leaving you. I'm going home.
Euphoria 04:05
Euphoria She was the sky, the light. she could shine so bright, with iridescent beams. love is a word we defined, with our eyes, with good nights. I want you to know I'm on fire, my desire is to be only yours. I'm for you. Call me the epilepsy, I'll seize your heart. I'm for you. You should've known right from the start. Euphoria. Let me think back, we began, with tethered strings, on mending wings, we are free, from birth to be, in love. I'm for you. Call me the epilepsy, I'll seize your heart. I'm for you. You should've known right from the start. Euphoria. You are everything and everywhere you go, you flow like wayward phrase. I touch your brown hair and stare straight into your eyes. mesmorized and blind. When nothing in this world matters more, I'm for you. Euphoria.
I'm A Gentleman At Heart, But I Eat Sheep Alive Look at the anxious faces, look at what we've created; flying machines and rockets, and we're stuck here on the ground. I've got quite the act, it's the center stage talk of the evening, and I'm dressed to impress, with a jacket and vest, I make my move. I swallow sheep whole, while balancing doves on tight wire, the crowd goes wild, I've managed to make a masquerade out of my massacre. This room is a cell. and I've locked myself in, no, out. I've come to believe, there isn't one among you who would commit to such daring feats. What makes you afraid, to be close to me? Am I sick and perverse? Do you think I'd come all this way, for the sake of intimacy! Well maybe I would. I've had my share of pleasure. It should please you to know, I've composed a lengthy list of names, so I won't forget each moan or sigh. No, I won't forget you dear, you're at the top of my list. My biggest of fans. The curtain falls, the stage is set, I present to you my final act, of chivalry. And this is the moment we've led up to, I have you alone in a crowded room. Your innocence undressed on the white, silk sheets, all for the sake of a growing routine.. And to top it off, I commence to disappear. A vanishing act for the cold and bare. That's the show! I'll see you in a while. So she freshens up and I leave her with a smile.
As Soon As You Come Back As soon as you come back I'll be gone, as soon as you realize what you've done, I'll be far enough, so you won't reach me, but close enough to feel you leaving. Take the weight up off of my arms, carry me. Face the demons, hold your tongue. Break the blood between the sheets, permeate. Mistake words for the gnashing of teeth and bite down. Bite down.
Living Is Easy So I've counted all the ones I've lost in a fraction of my life, and it's all this figuring that has brought me here with doubts. So I finally see the consequence of these dangerous thoughts; “Have a great idea?” watch it dissipate. Here I am, I come with next to nothing so I lay me down. Unveil my eyes. let me trace the path of your hand, and follow with my hand. How long can we fake it? How far will it take us? When we've been here a thousand years, all carrying these wooden planks, I'm not where I'm supposed to be, where I am is worlds away. I stumble blindly to the ground, with finger tips dug in the earth, from dust to dust I've reconciled, how I live is how I leave. I'm waiting for my time to come, for the sky to crack, to end this awful drought. I'm moving on, out through the door, to open air, as a harbinger of life.
The Charlatan Jesus, help me out, radiate from me somehow. I've managed to play the prodigal again. It's habitual, the act of growing up too fast. I really think I'm going places, yeah. We all fall in love, everyday I press my luck, like my real life's worth is based on what I feel. Always in a rush, always talking up my thoughts, but I insist on sleep, and putting it all off. When love has been a fallacy, and I can't sleep alone. I prey upon the weaker ones, with show of skin, I sink my teeth. I can't shake the devil's hold on me, It comes as no surprise. I wear my bones just like a suit and tie, and protest to be alive.
I Still Feel Everything Come lie down, or sit up, just say anything. We are a mess, but we're tired and it's beautiful. So I'll raise my hands, for a cease fire or surrender at best. You don't need to raise your voice. I'm soft spoken but I'm listening. We never spoke of who went wrong, but you could always feel those weighted eyes. I'm half convinced we both fell short, but I fell a little harder than you. Like an apparition, void of reason, falls with the weight of dawn, so I am slave to your spirit's hands. With the flick of the wrist, my words contort and twist, a spell to lead you back, is cast upon your ghost. We never spoke of who left whom, but you could always feel those accusing eyes. I'm half convinced we both lost touch, but I still feel everything.
There's No Safety In Solitude When there's nobody else around. When everyone talks too loud. When there's no light left in the day, and the darkness keeps me at bay. I'll stay here. When breath escapes these lips, And there's an aching in my ribs. When it's taken me all this time. When there's a demon in my eyes. I'm still here. When at last I tried to speak, You were taken in your sleep. I was screaming at the walls but I couldn't get to God. I'm left here.
So Long (When You Were Here) There's a ghost, rummaging through the wreckage in my mind. She whispers, "Sorry I'm not around. This love’s long gone". There's a girl, promising her love to another man, a friend, You'd think after all these years you would get out of… My head and my heart are worlds apart, and miles from where you are. All I wanted was to be your man, the faceless love you were thinking of when you told me that you needed time, did you consider at all what it would do to... My head and my heart are worlds apart, and miles from where you are. The fragments of a vase, flower pedals, crimson rose. Words left unsaid, vows never read, gone is the love of two devoted friends. I still hear your whispered song, awakening these reoccurring thoughts. I'm at a loss, I need you here. You’ve left me with this broken heart that sings of when you were here. I’m at a loss, I need you here. You’ve gone away to heaven now, I wish you still were near. I've never felt so pure, I've never felt so sure that I don't love you anymore.
I Know I Was Careful, But The Balloons Weren't Mine To Keep Two years back, I didn't see this coming, I never thought it could. To have to end up empty-handed, after reaching with both arms. When I see you give up, it hurts my heart and leads me to doubt, that I could ever measure up to this boy's dream. So please, wake me up. It's unfortunate, you know we never really talked, just kind of brushed it off. We barely hung out. It's like I never could fit in, with all your friends, one family torn, by unreconciled silence, too afraid to work things out, easier to wait it out, and it's only gotten worse. Be of good faith, this is hardly worth the worry, it is you who makes the journey, and the world is for the taking, so you can't just lay in bed, and hope all things will work out, just as you had planned. It takes a focused mind and a dedicated heart to cause a ripple with the rock you skipped, and an unadulterated form of care, to be sure you left a lasting mark that shows you never settled for anything less, than life changing.
Good Morning Love She fixes the hair from her eyes, she don't want to come out, at least till the mockingbird cries, and sings, his beautiful song, the one that her mother would sing. "La la la la la la la la la la." It’s been 45 minutes, since you've locked yourself up in the bathroom and stared in the mirror, exclaiming; "Poor, little girl, you're not who your father loves!" "I am a prisoner within my own body." You lie there so cautiously, like the room will erupt, with the slightest of movements. You would go without speaking, for months at a time. "Baby, what troubles you?" your parents would say. "Dad, is this love? when you sleep on the couch every night. Mum, is this love, is it the love of Christ?" “Sahrya get up!” her sister shouted in fright. Doesn't it bother you when you’re left to yourself in the dark? Are you hungry? You keep getting sick in the bathroom, Would you feel inappropriate if all was revealed in the light? Step out of your tomb. Don't hide in the blankets. Hear the bird on the window sill, singing; "Good morning love."
Fifty-Ninth St So it rained down like a morning shower, ever flowing, never clean. The drops they sound just like a marching band slowly slipping out of key. And I thought I had these big ideas, but they sank down in the flood. For heaven's sake, I'll take what I can get, just to remain afloat. I've been hungry for the city life; I need the rhythm of the streets. I want to get up with the ones I love, feel the sunlight of my face. I can't stomach this Long Island town; the weather foretells I should leave. But I don't mind that these clothes aren't dry. That I'm underneath these crooked skies. When these arms won't go, I'll still have you. I used to think we had it all together by setting goals and laying a foundation. By subway lines and aimless drives we'd set out to make our lives mean something for the future. But for now you are all I've got, and for now that is all I want. And I don't mind, the future's blind. I'm undismayed. I welcome age. When these arms won't go, I'll still have you.
Our Bodies Will Displace Like Chaff In The Wind All along the watches of our lives, we blow on, and wind chimes catch the harmonious deluge. It’s been so hard to keep up with the old and new. What was sacred today is just so different Now I know, there's no halfway point to bridge my pulsing heart beat, it beats out of step and strays to a decline. So I wake up, and I keep on walking towards a life I cannot lead, trying to make my path feel important. I've messed up, I've lost touch All I have to lose is giving up, I just can't quit till I've got nothing left. I never thought I'd carry this regret. I've let too many fall into my web. I'm not proud of it, and the images remain, the fact of it is, they kill me everyday. But what's the use of it, I'm only getting worse, if I can't turn this around and deconstruct myself. So I wake up, and I keep on walking towards a life I cannot lead, trying to make my path feel important. I've messed up, I've lost touch All I have to lose is giving up, I just can't quit till I've got nothing left. A day will come when I am found, boundless among the ranks of bounded men. I'll be free indeed. When you look back on the life I gave, there will be signs of a miraculous exchange. All things must pass away.
It's Not The Loss, So Much The Company Would somebody keep the lights low, and say it back so slow, the words I will not hear? If I seem a bit abrasive, it's not because I'm bitter, or want someone around. I'm just tired of the searching, and I'm weary of the patterns, the way new love decays. Asphyxiated, starved, flat out obsessed, inebriated, with your every waking step. So if I sing out of rhyme, and strum out of time, and crack under the pressure, will I last a day or more? If I'm dumbstruck for words, and shaking inside, can't get my act together, am I any less a man? I'm looking for some life, even a shred of passion. I am not concerned, I will see this Through all the distress, I'm able, I'm stable. Let me lie down and take all of you for granted. Call me out, call me coward, just don't say I wanted this for you. I'm sinking faster, you're suspended in flight. My breathing quickens as you're lost in his kiss. Oh hold out longer, like you've done enough, and show me you're perfect and I'll walk out. In Maine I had you. In your bedroom you held me. Pennsylvania you missed me. In your letters you loved me. In December I lost you. In Florida you gave me up. Now your love is another's. Not that friendship matters much. I think I'll take a walk and think on all life's blessing. See the beauty in a loss, and start from the beginning.
A Statue 03:19
A Statue I could wait all night for the rain to chase... All of my clear skies have turned the other way. But sooner than later you will come home. I've spent my whole life waiting here for you. In a couple years, we'll finally settle down, we'll be bound by the bands of Christian love. We'll build a new life, a child on bended knee, I'll sing him stories, and send him off to sleep, to dream. If you would let me in, I could be the man you want, If you would say it straight, in more than notebooks or photographs we've kept, I wouldn't give you up just yet. And so, in our old age, we'll march through the city, hand in hand, it bridges our bodies. We are like statues, weathered and bronze. At a storefront, one Sunday, a mid afternoon, there is love.
White Pine Way Relentless, all those teenage dreams we shared. Wasted, counting stars and holding hands. This ends tonight. This is the end. First time offender, we shared a kiss in your parent's house, on the corner of Southhaven Ave & White Pine Way, this ends today. Tonight, there's a promise kept at the altar waiting for his blushing bride who will leave him wanting. Tonight, I'm the question asked that's left unanswered, the kiss that lingers with the memories. I'll see you in the morning. Dressed in white, a wolf in sheep's clothing, I guess the promise ring you gave me was a weight we could not carry. Tonight, there's a promise kept at the altar waiting for his blushing bride who will leave him wanting. Tonight, I'm the question asked that's left unanswered, the kiss that lingers with the memories. I'll see you in the morning. All those long drives, cold eyes, sitting still, when I was anxious to go home to you. All those last words I'd take back, every charming line, each handwoven misstep, to see you smile again.
Intervention 05:31
Intervention I'm unsure of where I am, and how you have made yourself to be. Closed, unwilling to look inside yourself for the opportunities inside of you and me, oh please, just lay it all out on the table. Start talking with some sense, or this sincerity will tear me bit by bit. Every day and every night, I awaken from the same dream. Same time, same place, I'm lost and you're out of reach. All I wanna know is where did our love go? Why do people change? Somehow forget everything. I'm living for your letters; I wonder what they'll say. Like a camera, I'm captured. My eyes are set on you. Tell me the reason why you cannot stay with me, Is this forever or am I still sleeping? I remember when we used to walk around, making no difference where it was or where we went. Hand in hand, we’re boundless. Hand in hand, we're one. All I wanna know is where did our love go? Why do people change? Somehow forget everything. Darling, I haven't come undone. Maybe, I'm just a little tired. What else can I do, but sit here and tell you, I love you?
No Need To Worry It occurred to me one uninspired night, I am undeserving and I'm blessed to be alive. So thank you for the gift of brand new days, my well is overflowing, not just flooded by the rain. If you're like me and it's a struggle to get out, Forget about your reasons; crack a smile from your mouth. It's amazing just to see what you can do. Miracles can be brought on by just a couple words. No need to worry. But I am such a wreck, why am I sitting here? The words I need escape me, they rest on top my lips. I'm first to say I'm grateful, but I won't always be there, my eyes they tend to wander, even when you're here. I woke up from a short uneasy rest, my heart was racing quickly I felt it bursting through my chest. With open eyes the morning seems so bright, I ask that you will get up, give your life a second chance. No need to worry.
Along Came A Spider All I wanted to say, just got in the way. All I wanted to be, just wasn't in me. Look at what I've become. When did I lose my touch? All I wanted to do, was be honest with you. Where I thought there was love, just wasn't enough love. Never wanted to leave, it's just tangled in me. I got caught in my web, got lost in my steps. Hung with all my regrets, yeah they scared me to death. I've reached the end of my line, It's all a matter of time. I've parted ways before. What makes this any different?
Fever Dream 04:42
Fever Dream When does the spinning stop? When will your work be done? What if I can't escape, if I can't change? My life's a carnival. It starts and stops in all directions, never reaching real ascension. I'm always on my way back down. We all grow up the same, the only constant is we tend to slip away. Friends are the first to go, and then your body aches and groans for the ones we gave up on. My heart's a holding cell; my mouth's a one way street. I locked my love inside, and fear won't let me speak. If this is real, I don’t want to wake up in another’s arms. If there’s a chance, I will wait till you come back and love again. Last night I had this dream, I forgot all the things I'd seen, I fell asleep on my high school bus. I stumbled through the hall, a hundred faces then just one, blue-eyed girl I used to love. If it were up to me, I would change the second scene, to the key of a memory. If I had another chance, if we could finally take it back, I'd arrange our mistakes like a symphony.
New Year’s Retribution I've grown tired of my friends, always redirecting plans. I'll be at your place by ten, I'll be out of work by then. Maybe another day, you see my girlfriend's been away, I don't feel inspired right now, save the songwriting for when we're all a bit rested. I feel sorry for my friends. You know, they lead demanding lives. It must be such hard work, to return missed calls and shoulder some ambition. I probably shouldn't talk. But, it's safe to say that, I've really been trying. I thought you should know, there isn't a day where I don't think about you. In our younger years, this couldn't happen. Why do people let this happen? I'm content with growing old. I am set to place the past behind me. No longer am I sold, to the habits that controlled me in my youth. I have made a list of plans, and I fully intend on going through with them. 1. I'm going to wake up on time and start out fresh. 2. Buy new clothes and look my best. 3. I'm going to wear good shoes and change my socks. 4. I'm going to watch the road and be cautious of my steps. 5. I'm going to practice hard. 6. Eat real well. 7. I won't complain. 8. I'll appreciate my parents. 9. I'm going to stand up straight and take my time. 10. I'm going to see the world as God created. 11. I won't look for love or depend on it. 12. I'll let life take its chosen course. I know I can't predict the end, so I will have to settle for a beginning. You were my brother when I was without one, you lived across the fence. We spoke secrets, juvie romantics, funny what kid's say. And when I moved out, I found a neighbor, I could share my family with. Although you're still here, we talk very seldom, and I'm probably to blame. Since fifth grade I could wake up on my best friends open bed. We'd spend hours, just talking, on his backyard trampoline. Then came high school, you were the first girl, I could speak to on the phone. We listened to Beatles, and I really liked you, you were the closest thing I knew. There was this new kid, I really looked up to, you know I envied your pursuits. You lived in Florida, but stayed here with us, and you kind of grew on me. There was another who had things together, she learned a lot from life. And she taught me to be careful, and to never lose my sight. And through an art class I discovered an abstract, an all around great girl. You were my first love, and I won't forget that, so thank-you for two years. I was a senior, when we re-united, and you introduced your band. We made music, yeah, we were committed, in more ways than one. Then in college, you made me smile, and you told me how it is You had a big heart, and you left it with me, and I am in your debt. The point that I'm making is everyone changes. Some get left behind. If you're even listening, just know that I love you, no matter where we go.


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released March 24, 2015

Photography by Adam James & Phil Corso.
Recorded by Adam James.
Mixed by Bradley Francis Cordaro.
Mastered by Dan Coutant at Sun Room Audio.
Design by Marcus Nuccio.


all rights reserved



More Than Skies Brooklyn, New York

Angsty Folk-Rock born & bred in NY.

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